Zoo's 'indoor' animal stars now on display as Bay opens up

Torbay Weekly

The Bay is open and ready to do business in our Naturally Inspiring and Responsible Riviera.

The local tourism and hospitality industry as well as the retail sector took full advantage of the latest easing in Covid restrictions -  there was even a hug allowed for the first time to celebrate.

There was a still a word of caution to follow safety guidelines as the Indian variant of the virus in some parts of the country threatened to ruin Boris Johnson's June 21 day of freedom timeline and plans.

But for the time being at least the Bay was able to enjoy a hint of normality after lockdowns which had particularly battered the holiday industry.

Torbay MP Kevin Foster was out and about too see what a difference a day makes.

Paignton Zoo was one of his first ports of call where the majority of indoor exhibits are now open after the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Mr Foster said: "The zoo relies on our support to do its vital conservation work. I would urge all residents to make a date for a visit to show their support."

Reptile Tropics and Desert House now have a new name ‘Tropical Trail’ and ‘Arid Land’ and visitors can see a wide range of reptiles and birds, including the pink pigeon, Bali starling, blue-crowned laughing thrush and Annam leaf turtle which are largely or wholly dependent on the zoo's conservation work.

New species also include a Nguru pygmy chameleon, Vietnamese mossy frog, and grey breasted conure. Every reptile enclosure in the building has been refurbished.

In Bugs at Home, visitors can now see an electric blue gecko and lyretail killifish. Seven new species are planned for the Amphibian Ark.

Mr Foster also visited Torquay Museum and Bar 21.