Zoo's famous Jungle Express reaches end of line

Torbay Weekly

One of Paignton Zoo's top attractions has come to the end of the line.

It famous and popular miniature railway the Jungle Express has departed for the final time.

But will it stay off track? There is already talk of a petition to save it from the axe and and even Torbay MP Kevin Foster said on Twitter: "Very sad news, I loved a ride on the Jungle Express as a kid and it was the highlight of many a visit to Paignton Zoo. The end of an era for all who love this iconic attraction."

In the last year the train has not been running. The zoo says the time has come to bid farewell to an attraction that has been a popular feature of the zoo since 1940.

The zoo says it is planning significant developments over the coming years and these include changes to how visitors enter the attraction and make their way around the site.

It say: "We’ve already made a start on this, with modifications to the former Brookside Aviary and plans to replace our boardwalk entrance. The location of the train track falls within these plans.

"The decision to remove a much-loved feature such as the Jungle Express will be a defining moment in our history. We’ve made this decision because we want the future for Paignton Zoo to be as bright as possible and because we want to get started with transforming our zoo.

"Over the years we have become more aware of the limitations of our little train – most importantly the lack of accessibility, a value that we hold steadfast at the centre of our organization. We believe that our zoo should be accessible to all, but the access and size of the Jungle Express Train meant some of our visitors could not enjoy it.

"We completely understand that for a number of our regular visitors and members, the departure of the train will be sad news. A ride on the Jungle Express will have been a lasting memory for many, and we’re sure that lots of the people reading this will have taken at least one lap of the main lake over the last 80 years."