Zoo puts down roots to new future - and celebrates Queen's Jubilee

Torbay Weekly

Paignton Zoo is playing its part in celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Green Canopy is an initiative which encourages both people and organisations across the United Kingdom to plant a tree for the Jubilee and Paignton Zoo say they are delighted to be involved.

The zoo will be planting 29 trees today (February 10) and inviting representatives from all of their teams to take part.

After the disruptions and uncertainty of the pandemic, the zoo also hopes that the tree planting will represent something symbolic; putting down meaningful roots for the future of the zoo, and acknowledging the incredible efforts that staff have made in these challenging times.

The zoo already has an established mix of trees across its 80 acre site.

Catherine Mortimer, the zoo's deputy curator of botanics, said “The trees will serve as a visual token of our appreciation for the Queen and will also create new habitats for our native species including birds, bees and insects. What better way to honour the Queen’s legacy than to help provide a better future for our local wildlife.”

She continued “We have chosen a variety of trees including Whitebeam, wild cherry, and lime. Many of the trees we have selected are quick growing trees, some provide red fruits and some beautiful blossom, such as cherry. Hopefully they will delight our visitors with their rich colours and potential to provide both shelter and shade for years to come.”