Your Torbay weather forecast for April - chilly but dry (fingers crossed)

Torbay Weekly

Torbay's weather will remain a little on the chilly side - but there won't be too much rain around (fingers crossed).

The predictions for April comes from former Torbay deputy meteorologist Mark Baker with help and data from Mark Baker of Oldway, Paignton.

Mark says: "Early indications are that the dry , cooler than average April weather will continue for some time and there is no sign of any appreciable rain perhaps , not even until May."

March rainfall totalled 37mm, exactly 50 per cent of the long term average for the month  of 74mm. There were 18 dry days and two days with  'a trace' recorded. The wettest day of the month was March 12 with 9mm.

This was the driest March in Torbay since 2015 , when 35 mm was recorded.

March last year recorded 65mm, in 2019 it was 90mm and in 2018 190mm - that March was the wettest in Torbay since 1947 when an incredible 265 mm fell, following the Great Freeze!

The warmest day of the month was March 30 with 15c although many parts of the UK  reached in excess of 21c/70f. At Kew Gardens it was 24.5c/76f - the warmest March day in the UK for 53 years.