Your Bay Needs You - it's just the start of our campaign

Torbay Weekly

The Torbay Weekly owes a big thankyou to Becky Davies and the TDA for starting our Your Bay Needs You jobs campaign and we are delighted to be taking it forward.

Our ambition is to be the “go to” place for local businesses to showcase their vacancies and for you, our readers, to find employment.

The campaign has got off to a great start with some of Torbay’s leading companies getting behind it and in last week's Torbay Weekly there were almost 100 jobs advertised by the campaign partners.

These companies as well as using this section to advertise their future vacancies will also tell us about those they have recruited. The whole ethos of the Torbay Weekly is to celebrate success and we see this as a natural extension.

We are much happier telling stories of those who have found employment, not publicising data on those who have not.

The hospitality industry has suffered more than most during the pandemic and its challenges are not going away. Because of the government travel restrictions and the private fears of travelling abroad whilst Covid infections are at high levels, Torbay will have a summer season with high visitor levels and our businesses are currently struggling to find staff.

If the vaccine can win the battle against infections, it is possible that “Staycations” will extend into the winter months and the Bay will need more staff all year around.

The challenge is broader. We want to help South Devon College fill there increasing number of apprenticeship vacancies. The Torbay Weekly’s own Tamla Thornton was initially employed through this scheme. We want to hear from companies whose businesses have benefited from the scheme and from those people currently employed through it. We want to hear form start-up businesses looking to recruit. We want to publish more positive stories like that last week from the Heart of the South West LEP securing funding to help those seeking to improve their career prospects by learning new skills.

We want to help employers at this critical time and by doing this we can help people in the community find work