World's biggest sailing ship graces Bay's horizon

Torbay Weekly

The world’s largest sailing ship was an unexpected visitor to the Bay.

The Golden Horizon is the world’s largest square-rigged sailing vessel, weighing 8,770 gross tons with a length of 531 feet. It is also a near-replica of the 1913 built France II.

The design features over 6,000 square meters of sail area and her design speed is 16 knots.

She has accommodations for 300 passengers and 140 in crew, along with bars, a restaurant, pools, gym, and spa.

Torbay has been the home for many a stunning ship during the ongoing pandemic, with Tor Bay, Babbacombe Bay and Lyme Bay being used as a ‘ship car park’ whist the cruise industry waits for the green light to resume international cruising.

The second largest sail ship is the ‘Sailing Yacht A’ and the third the ‘Maltese Falcon’.