Wonder Woman Rachel does it again

Torbay Weekly

South Devon’s Wonder Woman Rachel Hosking has done it again.  She’s undertaken one of the UK’s most gruelling challenges, hiking the equivalent of half of Mount Everest in just two days.

While Rachel’s blistered feet and aching limbs are recovering, the money is pouring into Cancer Research UK, her beloved charity for whom she has been raising money for 17 years.

This latest effort has already added £3,507.45 so far to her amazing £130,000 total.  Every challenge is dedicated to the memory of those she has lost to cancer,

Everest in the Lakes is an annual trek that recreates the experience of climbing Mount Everest shared between two climbers, each aiming to climb nearly 4,500 metres in just two days before making their descent.

The terrain is treacherous and rocky, the weather often unforgiving. In this case, Rachel and her fellow climbers fought their way through hours of torrential rain and winds gusting up to 77 mph.

“This was most definitely the hardest challenge I have ever taken,” said Rachel. “It was much more intense than other climbs, the pace was fast and much harder on the legs.

“I have never had blisters before but I really had to bind my feet. My boots didn’t really dry out, so it was incredibly depressing putting on wet boots at the start of day two.”

Rachel who runs Torquay based Serious About Events, undertakes a major challenge every other year. In the past, she’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, reached Machu Picchu, run marathons, sky dived and even cycled from London to Paris. The common denominator with all her challenges is that they involve all the things she dreads most.

“I realised a while back that if I did something that I was terrified of, I could get more people to chip in money to the charity,” she said. “So, hello heights, altitude sickness, camping, climbing, cycling, extreme weather.

“I’m normally a girl who enjoys a glass of wine and needs my hair straighteners handy and you don’t find those halfway up a mountain. I’m adding wet boots to that list now.”

To donate, please visit https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/everest-in-the-lake-keeping-cancer-real