Why my heart is in the Heart of Devon

Torbay Weekly

Throughout this paper, you will read that the Mid Devon Weekly is your newspaper provided by your people.

For that purpose, our sales executive has been recruited as one of your own. Linda has lived in the Heart of Devon for over 30 years, and has spent her career involved in various media role within this geography.

She joined Clear Sky Publishing Limited in August 2021 with the knowledge that we were launching in her geographical area in the Spring of 2022. Linda initially worked on the North Devon Gazette to familiarise herself with our company and the way we do business but was always longing to return to her home patch.

Linda is well known to many of our local advertisers and the advertising you already see in this first edition is tribute to her own contacts and skills. It is especially difficult launching a new newspaper in the current digital age but Linda is passionate about the Mid Devon Weekly and the advertisements in this first publication are testament to that. Linda, pictured alongside, expressed her desires for the development of this title

“Having lived at the heart of Devon for many years I have noticed our knowledge of local businesses become less and less,” she said. “With the growth of the internet, we could often be living anywhere in the world.

“In years gone by we were much more connected to each other – knowing who provided what and where to find them. I’m passionate about communities knowing their local providers – we are so lucky to have a wealth of trusted, quality, artisan and professional businesses around us, offering the best in variety and choice! So, it’s really important to know who and where they are.”

We hope you can help her achieve her objective of providing a great vehicle for local businesses to promote their goods and services throughout the heart of Mid Devon.

Please contact Linda to discuss our range of advertising opportunities on 07918 747641 or email linda.weller@clearskypublishing.co.uk