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Why jobs in the construction industry are so important - and need filling!

Torbay Weekly

A new initiative has been launched to promote jobs in the construction industry.

There is currently a misconception of what a career in construction offers, so Building Greater Exeter has teamed up with Build Torbay to commission a powerful film to inspire young people to consider the range of exciting and rewarding careers in the sector.

The new short film – Build a Better Tomorrow – showcases young people working in a diverse range of construction roles on live sites in the South West.

Build a Better Tomorrow is being promoted on digital platforms to reach 16 to 24-year-olds in the Greater Exeter and Torbay areas with several key messages.

The annual recruitment requirement in the South West of 3.6 per cent per year is above the UK average of two per cent and means an extra 41,950 workers will be needed from 2022 to 2026.

The ‘Build a Better Tomorrow’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the diversity of roles available in the industry, from sustainability specialists to architectural technicians, as well as the more well-known roles on site the variety of roles in the industry – there are over 180 jobs to choose from both on site and in the office and the fact that it is an industry for all genders.

Reward and recognition is available in the industry, with higher than average salaries and excellent career progression.

With environmental sustainability, jobs can transform the lives of others through innovative and sustainable building and development

The importance of digital skills, which are vital to most construction projects, with the latest technologies is being used to innovate and develop buildings and infrastructure

Torbay Council leader Steve Darling says: “The construction sector offers rewarding careers in over 180 different jobs roles with excellent progression pathways. And because we have around £300m worth of regeneration projects taking shape in Torbay, we’ll need an extra 5,000 skilled workers to complete them.

“We want as many of our local young people to take up these exciting and well-paid opportunities as possible; and this new film is a showcase of the diverse and fulfilling careers in 21st century construction.”

The initiiative is a natural fit for our Building a Greater Torbay campaign
The initiiative is a natural fit for our Building a Greater Torbay campaign