Who wants to be a millionaire anyway?

Torbay Weekly

Someone once said ''For the want of a good idea, you could become a millionaire overnight'.

Well, here at Purple Angel Dementia Campaign Torbay, we all feel like millionaires when we get feedback like the examples below because of our free MP3s for those with dementia.

In dementia circles there has always been arguments about the 'chemical cosh' and the over use of certain drugs that subdue people and not in a very nice way.

Here, you will read how our campaign is not only helping many people but how it’s a non-medical intervention and is actually helping cut down on certain medications which is something we always suspected would help but it’s incredible to get first-hand feedback to say it’s actually working.

All we do is ask those with dementia, where possible, to give us 15 of their all-time favourite songs and artists that sing them or if not possible, those closest to them to give us the information and then leave the rest to us.

We will then upload all the music on new MP3s, with new headphones, package them up and post them completely free of charge to those who need them.

Yes, we need funding to do this and rely on that solely as nobody has a pot of gold at the end of the garden these days. But the differences we are making to people's lives is tangible and can be proved without a doubt.

I have always said the people of Torbay and South Devon have given so much support to the Torbay based Purple Angel Campaign,  the least we can do is repay them as much as we can.

Latest incredible feedback from a care home in Devon: "One lady, Mrs F, is a lady with end-stage dementia. She is non verbal and generally disengaging with any activities or interventions. Since introducing her to her MP3 player, which had some songs on there which were popular around the time this lady was in her 20s and 30s, she appears to try and mouth the words to the songs, her head is less bent over to the side and she smiles. It really is incredible.

"Another lady, Mrs T, has dementia with Parkinson’s disease and an underlying anxiety disorder.

"Her anxiety has been such a concern for her family as it has resulted in her climbing out of bed and crawling across the floor, becoming incredibly distressed prior to window visits from her husband and daughter.

"It was really quite upsetting for us all to see.

"She accepted the MP3 player without issue. This lady enjoys classical music, so has a choice of classical music on her player.

"When she begins to become anxious, we give her MP3 player, and this has proven to help relax her and calm her down, so much so, that yesterday, for the first time in months, she was able to have a conversation and smile with her husband and daughter and it made such a difference for her and her family to have a positive visiting experience.

"The last lady, Mrs W, is a lady with advanced Parkinson’s who has severe tremors affecting her mobility and independence.

"She chose the music she enjoys and has used the MP3 player a few times when her tremors have become problematic for her. It has reduced the number of occasions that she has not required her PRN Parkinson’s medication.

"Thank you Purple Angel Dementia Campaign Torbay, it really has been amazing."