What inspires you to want to take action

Torbay Weekly

Sometimes, something can ignite a passion in you. What is it that you care about enough to make you take action? It could be an injustice or something you think should be changed. If this is about a local issue, then who do you speak to?

In Torbay, we have local Community Partnerships that were set up in 2004 by the council and the police. They were designed to bring together local residents with agencies and ward councillors, so that issues could be voiced and listened to, and positive outcomes worked towards to resolve issues.

In Watcombe, Higher Barton and the Willows, we are restarting our partnership after a break, due to Covid. We welcome people with a passion and a vision for their local area. We have a steering group that would welcome new members, which will meet every two months and a public meeting at least twice a year.

In the past, issues have been the condition of the access to Watcombe beach, the speed of traffic in some quiet residential areas, the amount of litter on the streets, congestion on Moor Lane and the need for more parking spaces for the schools. What are your concerns and what can you do, with others, to make a positive change?

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24th November at 7.30pm at the Willow Tree Pub, Condor Way, Torquay TQ2 7TG. Contact Community Builder, Theo Tanser on 07599 993987

The Hele and Lower Barton partnership restarted last month with a turnout of 17 people, talking about topics of developing skate bowl on Windmill Hill, removing the play space next to Windmill Centre and litter in the community were a few of the topics raised by the community.

Are you interested in writing or taking photos, then please let us know. We are exploring how to bring back a community newsletter for the area, at the next meeting on Thursday 25th November 7 -9pm at Barton Baptist Church. Contact Community Builder, Dan Best on 07905 765263.

From the Community Builders of Hele, Watcombe, Barton (Theo Tanser and Dan Best) and the Willows (Helen Kelly).