Wesup paddles off to third Bay location

Torbay Weekly

The ever-growing and popular Wesup paddle board business had added a third Torbay location to its operations.

MDL Marina Dartside Quay in Galmpton is the 3rd MDL Marina that Wesup have taken tenancy in.

The expansion was needed to store the coffee box and activity box, which were located on Torre Abbey Sands in Torquay, for the winter.

A spokesman said: "With sheltered paddling conditions, perfect for year-round paddling, it was a great opportunity for Wesup to base a coffee box and paddle boarding activity box at the boat yard. Torre Abbey Sands remains a summer location, which will be serviced by two new boxes in 2022."

Wesup founder Sean White is encouraging locals to visit  Dartside Quay will also be Wesup's first river paddle boarding location in Torbay and will be the second home of Club Wesup.

Over the Autumn/Winter season, the club's focus is to promote water safety, whilst inspiring people to maintain their physical and mental health.

The winter offering will include weekend activities both on and off the water.

Wesup will also launch their new pioneering 'Wesup Safe Paddle Award' from this location. The award is made up of five skills clinics which are free to club members and open to non-members. The course aims to upskill local paddlers and promote safe paddling in the winter. Wesup will donate 25 per cent of the proceeds to Above Water, the local water safety charity.