We're in danger of some domestic competitions becoming obsolete

Torbay Weekly

I doubt very much whether the supporters who will have to pay for it all are in favour, but there is talk at the moment of having a World Cup every two years, instead of every four.

That's on top of the European Championships, the Champions League, the Europa Cup - oh, and, of course, the Nations League which has just finished.

Make no mistake, all these extra competitions are being brought in for financial reasons, and nothing else.

Before too long, there'll be a major international tournament every year.

How on earth they're going to fit everything in, nobody seems to know, especially as it seems to take the best part of two years to qualify for World Cups and Euro Championships as it is.

The fact is that, even as things are, we're in danger of some of our domestic competitions becoming obsolete.

Our FA Cup and League Cup are already being played by Premier League under-23 and almost reserve teams, and the more competitions that the big clubs have got to play in, the more that will happen.

There was a time when it was everyone's dream to go to one of the big stadiums and take on a top team.

The FA Cup was all about giant-killing.

But now it's got to the point where you're not sure whether you want to be drawn against a big club, because you know it's not going to be their first team you're playing against.

The obvious thing for FIFA and UEFA to do, before they make more of these decisions, is to ask the fans what they think.

But don't lose any sleep over that happening, because I think we all know what the answers might be.

And I'm pretty sure that the players at the top of the game don't want it either.

They're under enough pressure of games as it is.

The top and bottom of it is that these 'bright ideas' are never good for everybody.

Something has to suffer. Sadly, that's already happening.

Meanwhile, I hope over the last three years that I've always shown how fantastic I think our Yellow Army is and how much we all appreciate them.

I'm not sure there are many clubs who could lose a midweek game 2-0 as we did at Boreham Wood last Tuesday, with 260 of our fans there, and then pull in even more at our next away game four days later.

I said before our match at Bromley that I hoped those fans didn't ignore us after the midweek defeat, especially with Saturday's game also being live on BT Sport.

Well, there were 333 Torquay fans at Bromley, noisy as ever.

It's very hard to cheer a team that's not playing to its potential, and it's very difficult to be upbeat when you're feeling the disappointment of losing a game in front of fans who have made such a big commitment to get there.

The time, money and effort it takes to get to all these games is unbelievable, especially when someone sees fit to shut a few motorways at weekends!

We haven't got one player who doesn't care on that score. I promise that they wouldn't be with us if it was any different.

You really do feel that you have let the fans down on days like that.

The loyal supporter does follow their team through thick and thin, and I can also promise them that we are doing everything in our power to make sure, as soon as possible, that all that travelling will be worth it.

We have an FA Cup tie against Havant and Waterlooville at Plainmoor this Saturday, and I think everyone knows how important it is financially for lower division clubs to have a decent Cup run.

They are one of the 'bigger' clubs in the National League South, and it is just as big a chance for them as it is for us.

So that support can make all the difference.