We need you NOW to help turn this jobs crisis around - special campaign launched

Joseph Bulmer

It has been impossible to avoid the significant media attention of the catastrophic impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality and tourism industries, not just locally but also nationally and internationally.
And that now includes a jobs crisis.
Hundreds of job are going begging right across the Bay for a variety of reasons, including Brexit, the thousands of people still on furlough locally and a desire for career changes.
The problem goes right across all sectors of the economy, including construction and care.
But it is the tourism and hospitality sector that has been hit the hardest- the very same sector brought to its knees by the pandemic.
No sooner has it has resilience seen it rise to its feet than it faces being knocked down again as a lack of people taking up jobs causes major problems, including having to reduce opening hours for some businesses and affecting customer service just as the English Riviera booms with staycation business.
Now the Torbay Weekly has teamed up with leading industry partners in a special Jobs campaign with the clear message to job seekers: ‘Your Bay Needs You’.

Over the coming  weeks we will be publishing in the paper and on line as many vacancies as we can. We will also be featuring those who have taken up jobs or training courses and/or apprenticeships at South Devon College to show you what a great place Torbay is to live and WORK!
There are over 1,000 tourism businesses in Torbay, employing over 12,000 people, and 20 per cent of the local population, which generates in excess of £600 million to the local economy.

This is set to grow as industry returns after Covid-19 and the impact of the national and regional strategies gain momentum.
South Devon College works closely with TDA (Torbay Development Agency). In a recent discussion around the opportunities facing the sector locally, Rebecca Davies, senior economic development officer, said: “Now is the time to pursue a meaningful career in tourism and hospitality. We must work together to change the perception of working in the sector – it's not just a stop gap.

“The opportunities in this sector are endless, from entry level positions right through to directors within some of the world’s best known hotel brands. Torbay is seeing huge investments from international hotels, as well as independent local businesses; it’s a very exciting time.  
“There’s Government funding available, as well as financial incentives for apprenticeships, allowing employers to invest in and develop their teams to ensure their businesses are able to bounce back.”
Lynn Stephens is head of leisure and hospitality industries at South Devon College and is also chair of the English Riviera Destination Management Group.  
She explained: “The time for choosing a career in the Tourism and Hospitality sector has never been better. We have so many opportunities coming to the Bay with the reopening of existing businesses, the new brands and investments into the visitor economy, aligned with huge growth projected for UK staycations.  
“Anyone who is interested in training or upskilling will have an exciting range of career paths opening up in the coming months and years.”
In April, the College is running the Aspiring Manager programme – a fully subsidised taster for adults considering a career in hospitality or events management. This training is available through Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW), a programme developed to upskill employees within small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Devon.
Contact employers@southdevon.ac.uk