We need to stop stigma surrounding menopause

Torbay Weekly

Well, that weekend was a washout wasn’t it? No picnic and cricket this weekend, summer is here!

This week I watched a really interesting programme about menopause (now boys, don’t tut and stop reading this applies to you too!)

It really resonated with how I feel sometimes, now I’m a woman of ‘that’ certain age.

I was so surprised at how badly some women felt going through it, some contemplated suicide, some had such severe physical symptoms they couldn’t work and function.

There really isn’t much taught about menopause and how it affects us.

We get taught at school about puberty, but we are never told about how devastating the symptoms of menopause can be.

So where do we go for help and support? Weight gain, hot flushes, anxiety and depression, dry itchy skin and the loss of libido all affect women differently, but it isn’t just the woman that goes through this, how she feels will affect her relationships and ability to function as a mum and wife.

Perhaps we do need to stop and talk about this more and stop the stigma surrounding it.

So, ladies, if you are struggling with menopausal symptoms – talk, you are not alone there are millions of us going through it and we need to support one another.

There is a massive push around mental health and being peri-menopausal increases that risk – let's get talking about how we feel and get supporting one another.

On a lighter note, thank you to those who asked if I got my assignment in – I did, and I even finished it before the deadline and got it in early.

I now have another one to get reading and researching for but it feels really good to have one less assignment hanging over me!

Who’s looking forward to be able to being able to sit inside and have a meal and drink this weekend?

I certainly am, I love going out to eat and that is the one thing I have really missed during lockdown.

Life is returning to normal, all we need now is the sun to come out...