Victory for disabled in Bay parking bays campaign

Torbay Weekly

Campaigners have won a Torbay victory over parking bays for the disabled.

Torbay Mencap receive a couple of enquiries a week from members and non-members seeking support over the provision of the bays.

Declan Horder, who has Chung Jansen syndrome, and his dad Matt have struggled for years to complete the difficult manoeuvre from home to car.

To help Matt, Declan and other carers of those with complex needs, Torbay Mencap has campaigned to have a fee reduced for the installation of a bespoke disabled parking bay.

And Torbay Mencap chairman Carol King has revealed: “We are pleased to report that council leader Steve Darling - following a comparative study of fees charged across the country - has agreed to reduce the figure from £550 to just £100.

“Today Declan and his dad are able to enjoy the fruits of this small victory.”

Matt said: “Having a disability bay has helped make life a lot less stressful for us as a family.

”The close proximity of the parking bay to our house In Wellswood where many people park their cars is enabling us to gain close access to my son’s Motability car and wheelchair.

“When it’s raining it’s very challenging getting from the car to house if we have to park too far away and with sensory issues associated with his Autism and poor muscle tone with his syndrome etc sometimes a completely impossible task.

“Faced with the original cost of £550 we had to only dream of such a thing as a parking bay . Thanks to Torbay Mencap and the chair Carol King and her efforts in highlighting this burden with the relevant people in power, thankfully, it became much more affordable and now a bay is in place directly in front of our house.”

Torbay Mencap is currently offering membership free of charge to those with a learning disability and their carers. Information can be found