Victorious picture from the past

Torbay Weekly

Betty Curson from Paignton has come across an astonishing picture that shows Paignton Women’s Core proudly marching down Torbay Road as part of the Victory Parade to mark the end of World War II.
The picture was given to Betty, 93, by her friend Rita Rowden, who sadly passed away eight years ago.
Taken on May 13, 1945, the parade is led by Peggy Freeman (nee Lloyd), and also includes Thelma Hoare, Jean Mortimore, Joan Ford (nee Howard), Beryl Maunder (nee Yabsley) Mary Rowden (nee Rouse), Rita Rowden, Doreen Parnell, Daisy Langler, Jean Bemand (nee Penwill), Phylis Elliot (nee Coysh, Sheila Tucker and Mary Spry.
This particular group of heroines had signed up for duty but thankfully never saw action, as the War came to an end before they had turned 18.  
If you look closely, there is also a view of the famous Deller’s Café in Paignton.