Use public transport to get to the Museum and get free entry for a year!
Use public transport to get to the Museum and get free entry for a year! - Credit: Submitted

COLUMN: Travel Sustainably and Visit the Museum for Free

Torbay Weekly

As part of building a sustainable future for the Museum, we are, like many organisations, looking carefully at how we can deliver on the ‘green’ agenda, promote environmental issues and play our part in reducing carbon emissions.

We have already made big steps. For example, we have looked closely at how we stage our temporary exhibitions programme and are careful to reuse the main hard staging materials (MDF panels and display cases), which in some cases have been used for over twenty exhibitions.  

All aspects have been looked at to minimize waste and maximize re-use, alongside using recyclable materials. For many Museums, this is a difficult area to tackle and we have made great strides in improving our carbon footprint.  

In our shop, we are doing our best to stock sustainable products. Moving away from single use plastics and exploring, for example, wooden toys, which are both harder wearing and from sustainable sources. In our café, we are doing our best to use local suppliers, cutting down on food miles.

Now through an initiative funded by Torbay Council we are doing our bit to promote sustainable travel to the Museum. From May 10, we will provide free access for all those who can prove they have used public transport to get to the Museum. Just provide your rail or bus ticket purchased on the day you are travelling to the Museum and we will provide you with our standard annual pass to the Museum for free!

We are able to provide only a limited number of free tickets, so the sooner you can make it to the Museum the better. If you want to check before you travel, please telephone first (01803 293975) to ensure there are still free tickets available.  

Please remember we can only provide free tickets for those with evidence they have travelled by bus or train (or can show us the bicycle they have travelled on!).

Our brand new Pirates! Fact & Fiction exhibition has just opened, so, along with all our usual galleries, it is worth travelling sustainably to get to us. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Basil Greenwood

Museum Manager