Torquay chairman's ESL verdict: 'It's not the end of big-club ambitions'

Torbay Weekly

Torquay United chairman Clarke Osborne has warned that the apparent collapse of the European Super League does not mean the end of big-club ambitions.

It took less than three days for club after club to break ranks in the face of widespread and angry opposition.

By Tuesday night, all six Premier League clubs announced they have withdrawn from the hugely controversial European Super League.

Bristol-based businessman Osborne said: "I cannot believe that the collection of enormous business talent at those clubs would seriously promote something that clearly could not work without the agreement of so many stakeholders."

But he stressed: "It is professional football's direction of travel, and I don't think it can be halted - the relentless growth of TV broadcasting and streaming to a world audience.

"It (ESL) is positioning, to lever the European competitions into something more lucrative and less influenced by those without a financial stake."