Torquay care boss wins 'Moments of Kindness' award

Torbay Weekly

Torquay care team manager Karen Romans has been honoured for her 'hard work and dedication' throughout the Covid pandemic.

Helping Hands Home Care, Torquay, awarded branch manager Karen the ‘Moments of Kindness’ winner for February.

Kathryn Dawe, care coordinator, said: “Karen has been a brilliant manager not just over the last 12 months but before this as well.

"During the Covid pandemic it has been hard on all office staff and carers alike, but Karen has always been there for us all, she has supported us and been our rock, always had time for a chat and a virtual shoulder to cry on when things were getting on top of us, despite finding it hard herself at times.

"Karen is an inspiration to us all, and we are very lucky to have her as our manager.”

Karen said: “I have over 12 years’ experience in health and social care.

"Having seen first hand the impact that dementia had on my nan and our family, it made me want to help support others going through the same.

"The highlight of my job is going out on care visits and the welcome given to me by our customers gives me great job satisfaction. Caring is not a job; it’s just how I am and it’s a pleasure to do it.

“As branch manager I assess new customers requiring our support and one customer has always stuck in my mind. I took a telephone call from a distressed lady who wanted to know if we could help to support her husband, she had been the sole carer for him since his diagnosis of Parkinson’s and was at breaking point.

"I met with the couple in their home and we chatted about what we could offer, it was clear that their relationship was suffering, it was so sad to see that this once husband and wife team were now patient and carer.

"By ensuring I understood what was needed, the wife had time for herself and the husband got the chance to chat to someone else for a while.

“I revisited them both a month later and the difference was fabulous, they were chatty with each other and the wife was so upbeat.

"It is sad to see how people’s relationships change when you become a carer for your loved one, and by just listening and understanding we can help, even if it’s only a little.”

Nick Mahony, area care manager, said: “Karen is an amazing individual, she is passionate about all of her team and customers, ensuring they are always looked after.

"She is very dedicated to serving the local community, nothing is too much trouble. I was delighted but not surprised when Karen’s team nominated her and recognised her for the care she shows to them, through our Moments of Kindness scheme.”

Helping Hands launched their Moments of Kindness scheme last year to celebrate all the wonderful acts of kindness that take place across the company every day.

The companywide scheme is for carers, office staff, customers, families and health care professionals alike who want to nominate anyone from Helping Hands that has gone above and beyond in their role.

Helping Hands Torquay currently supports 62 customers in the area and employs 30 local carers.

If you would like more information on arranging care for you or a loved one, or are interested in becoming a carer, visit the Helping Hands website or call 0333 414 3885 for care.