Torbay Weekly sales duo reunited for third time working together

Torbay Weekly

Sales professionals Andy Sexton and Ellen Rushford were reunited for the third time in their careers this week when Ellen joined the Torbay Weekly team to support Andy as our advertising client base grows and the market becomes more settled after the various lockdowns.

Andy and Ellen have previously worked together at both the Herald Express and the Breeze radio station.

Commenting at the start of their third spell together, Andy, sales and business development manager said: “I love working with Ellen and she will be a real asset to the team as we start the next stage of our growth journey. She is so positive but does my head in sometimes when she gets on that phone!”

Ellen said: “It is always great working with Andy and especially at the Torbay Weekly which is a brilliant newspaper and the advertisers I have spoken to so far absolutely love it.

"I really look forward to helping Andy grow the business and give Jim Parker even more pages for news.

"The combination of brilliant local editorial and a high volume of relevant local advertising is a powerful one.”

The owners of the Torbay Weekly, Clear Sky Publishing, have also recently acquired the North Devon Gazette and the magazine Exeter Life and firmly believe in their community news model.

Managing director and shareholder Chris Coward said: “We are delighted with what has been achieved so far, especially with our new acquisitions.

"I am really hopeful that adding Ellen to our South Devon operation can only help that grow too."