Torbay Weekly bids farewell to Tamla as she takes step towards her dream job

Torbay Weekly

It was a day of mixed emotions at the Torbay Weekly offices on Friday - Tamla Thornton left us to achieve her dream of working in the music and entertainment industry having taken up a position in marketing at the Pheonix venue in Exeter.

All of our team were pleased for Tamla who, as regular readers will know, writes a weekly music column for us for which we are delighted that she will continue to do so but that pleasure was tinged with sadness as we will miss her important contribution and having her around.

She has a lovely nature that would benefit any office environment.

Tamla was engaged as a content apprentice on the South Devon College Apprenticeship Scheme, which places students in industry while delivering an educational qualification as part of the experience.

Because of the unique business impact of Covid conditions, it has been difficult to give Tamla the direct experience of the course contents but she has adapted brilliantly to become a real all-rounder and has been a key figure in all of the Torbay Weekly's broad publishing activity.

She has been a key component of our campaign to raise money for Rowcroft.

She has made it a personal mission to sell the vast number of books we were inundated with after our appeal in paper.

This has involved a wide range of functions from working on the market, processing editorial copy and using the many devices on social media to transact with willing buyers.

She is even doing a sky dive on Sunday to raise money for the Rowcroft appeal.

We are delighted with Tamla's progression but also with the apprenticeship scheme and we are currently working with Terri Cook and Phil Parr of South Devon College to find another Tamla.

Terri said: "It is always great when one of our students can gain the experience that Tamla has in a business environment, to help them as they move onto their chosen career path.

"We look forward to continuing to work with the Torbay Weekly through our scheme."

Tamla said: "I have loved working at the Torbay Weekly and it is really tough to leave. I intend to stay in touch with the team.

"Music has always been close to my heart and I am really excited to be involved with such a venue like Pheonix."