Torbay student Becky soaks up Olympic experience

Torbay Weekly

University graduate Becky Hart was involved in one of the world's most famous events as part of her degree course - the Tokyo Olympics.

Becky Hart, 22, from Newton Abbot is a former Torquay Girls Grammar School pupil and has just completed her degree in International Business at the University of Birmingham.
As part of her studies, Becky was required to spend time working abroad and she signed up with the Olympic Broadcasting Service, taking her to the Tokyo hockey stadium and the frontline of international sport.
“I’ve always been interested in the Olympic Games," said Becky. “As part of my degree, I had to work abroad and I just contacted the OBS to see if they had placements at their base in Madrid.
“I was advised to apply for a student position at the Olympics and it was just a case of sending over my CV to see what happened.
“When I applied, I had no idea where I would be placed, and I was assigned to the hockey stadium. It was an opportunity for me to see what is needed behind the scenes at a major event and the various logistical processes required.
“My main tasks were ensuring the broadcasting staff were all looked after, arranging the correct buses, meals and helping the camera crew with their equipment. We also helped capture the audio during matches.
“Even on the flight over to Tokyo, it was still a pinch-me moment and I felt very lucky to be there, especially with an empty stadium and no fans allowed. We worked very long hours but there was a nice sense that everyone got to know each other by the end of the games.
“It was amazing to watch international athletes at such close quarters and you can’t help but be incredibly impressed by their fitness, especially the Team GB athletes and those from countries that aren’t used to that kind of heat and humidity.
“I know they have trained very hard for these moments but still very impressive to watch.”