Torbay Road bridge replacement work to be extended

Torbay Weekly

The replacement of Torbay Road bridge in Paignton is expected to take an additional month to complete due to supply chain issues.

Network Rail has notified residents and businesses that its project to replace the ‘life-expired’ bridge over Torbay Road in Paignton is now expected to be completed on Friday, April 8.

This is the result of a number of issues the project team has faced including relocating utility services and a delay with the construction and delivery of the new bridge structure.

During this time, Torbay Road either side of the railway bridge will remain closed with the existing diversion route remaining in place. Local access for residents living nearby will be maintained.

Work on this complex project began in January with the removal of the road surface, dismantling of the existing bridge, and reinstalling the temporarily removed utility services which all have to be completed before the new bridge structure can be lifted into position and the road surface is reinstated.

Network Rail is working closely with its contractor, Dyer & Butler, to ensure there are not any further delays and to identify if there are any opportunities to safely accelerate any remaining aspects of the work to reduce the delay.

Stuart Calvert, Network Rail Capital Delivery Director, said: “We are really disappointed to have to share this news and sincerely apologise to local residents, businesses and road users for the delay in the completion of this work.

“We pride ourselves on our punctuality and efficiency when undertaking complex projects such as this bridge replacement, however, on this occasion we have regrettably faced a number of unforeseen challenges which has resulted in this delay.

“Our teams will be working closely with our contractor to ensure there are no further delays and if it safe and possible to do so, try and complete the work sooner.”