Torbay remains 'Covid capital of Devon' despite drop in cases

Torbay Weekly

Covid cases have dropped across Devon, reflecting national trends.

In the latest complete seven day period (to Sunday, 21 January) the county recorded 10,455 new cases, 3,539 fewer than the previous week.

The 26 per cent drop takes the infection rate across Devon to 964 per 100,000 of the population, slightly above the UK average of 943.

Plymouth saw the biggest fall, with new 2,553 infections, 1,020 (29 per cent) fewer cases than last week. The reduction takes the rate of infection in the city to 971 per 100,000.

Torbay remains the covid capital of Devon, with an infection rate of 1,137 per 100,000. Nevertheless, cases are still falling significantly. In the most recent seven day period, the Bay recorded 1,549 infections, 17 per cent (327) fewer than in the previous week.

The Devon County Council area, which excludes Plymouth and Torbay, recorded 6,363 new cases, down 2,213 (26 per cent). The infection rate is now 734 per 100,000 of the population.

The government announced that almost all covid rules in England would end from Thursday next week.

However, the number of people in hospital with covid is still on the rise. Speaking recently, the boss of the NHS in Devon, Dr Paul Johnson, said admissions were expected to peak around the end of January.

And the county council’s director of public health Steve Brown offered a word of warning on the fall in the number of official positive cases, citing a change in national policy as to why people were starting to test less.


As of the most recent data from Tuesday 11, January, 218 patients were in Devon’s hospitals with covid, an increase of over 40 from a week ago. Like last week, more than half (121) are being treated in Plymouth.

Elsewhere, 44 are at the RD&E in Exeter, 34 in Torbay, 11 in North Devon and eight at Devon Partnership mental health trust sites. Of the total number of patients, seven are in ventilation beds, down six on last week.


Thirteen people died within 28 days of receiving a positive covid test across Devon in the most recent complete seven-day period (to Sunday, 16 January) – one fewer than last week.

Seven people died in the Devon County Council area, which excludes Plymouth and Torbay. Five deaths were recorded in Torbay and one in Plymouth.

Across Devon, 1,499 people have now died within 28 days of a positive covid test.


Eighty-eight per cent of people aged 12 and above have had their first dose of a vaccine in the Devon County Council area, with 83 per cent receiving both doses. Sixty-nine per cent have now had their ‘booster’ dose.

In Plymouth, 85 per cent have had one dose, while 79 per cent have had both. Fifty-eight per cent have had the booster.

In Torbay, 86 per cent have received one dose, while 80 per cent have had both jabs. Sixty-four per cent have had their third vaccine.

The national rates are 91, 84 and 64 per cent respectively.