Torbay on the ball in latest bowls encounters

Torbay Weekly

Torbay Bowls Club have rolled out some notable successes in recent weeks.

But it began with a disappointing result in the Egham Trophy against a strong Exonia team. Torbay had no winning rinks at the time they conceded and the overall score was 41-90.

Home: Pat Phillips, Liz Lock, Graham Warren and Derrick Singleton lost 13-17 to C,Lenton, M.Bexon, M.Perrot and J.Hampton

Kate Asher, Sue Coffield, Dave Vinnicombe and Gerry Coffield lost 7-27 to S.Eveleigh, E.Cooper, S.Tolchard and I.Lesley

Away: Marilyn Symons, Maggie Boyle, Phil Hackett and Rob Honeywell lost 8-27 to N.Rogers, A.Evans, S.Broom and K.Phillips

Sarah Vinnicombe, Tim Lock, Sue Bywaters and Alan Bowden lost 13-19 to M.Wakley, A.Simpson, D.Tuckett and I.Bond

In the Parrott Trophy Torbay beat Honiton by 55-37

At Home: S Jenkins, D Ferris, G Chamings, S Howard beat P Bright, H Tyne, S Coles, P Barradell 28-21

Away: S Brilli, N Godwin, I Bristow, A Routledge beat R Lovering, G Osbourne, B Cann, K Vernon 27-16

The result in the Interclub Torbay “A” v Torquay was

At Home

G Warren, R Gilpin, G Coffield, D Singleton Won by 27-13 against W Stevens rink.

E Knight, T Lock, G Foster, A Bowden beat R Levy’s rink 31-11


S Davis, J Read, D Vinnicombe, M Powell lost to H Aspinall’s rink 18-28

D Ferris, S Howard, P Hackett, R Honeywell lost to M Hopkins rink 18=23.

The two home rinks won by enough shots to cover the away losses and Torbay ran out winners 94 shots to 75. Torbay played against an  under strength Torquay side but they said 'a win against local rivals is always good.'

In the Over 60’s Double Rink wins for both the A and B teams saw them progress to the next round.

The A team played Sidmouth and the B team Torquay

A at Home:

D Vinnicombe, G Heaven, D Singleton, A Bowden beat D Timms rink 27-6


D Coombes, J Read, G Cooffield, R Honeywell drew with K Wheeler’s team 17-17

Torbay 44 shots  Sidmouth 23 shots.

B at Home:

J Stone, G Warren, R Gilpin, J Cherrington lost to G Bellamy’s team 9-15.


T Powell, E Knight, A Hawke, T Lock beat R Condon’s rink 22-12

Torbay 31 shots  Torquay 27 shots.

The two teams now play each other in the next round.

In the Foxlands Trophy there was a tight finish in the ladies Foxlands match which saw Torbay pick up a two on the very last end against Honiton to win by one shot!


Marilyn Symons, Roz Cherrington, Sue Devonport and Liz Lock beat Y.Williams, D.Hawkins, H.Chambers and J.Grant 25-20

Mollie Thorp, Mo Thomas, Jane Wray and Anita Huxtable beat C.Barradell, M.Bright, R.Barwick and Y.Rayner 23-13


Pat Phillips, Mo Penhaligon, Maggie Boyle and Sue Coffield lost 12-24 to R.Hirons, J.Heard, J.Sherwood and S.Hiscocks

Kate Asher, Anne Russell, Jenny Moore and Sarah Vinnicombe lost 19-21 to C.Armitage, J.Baker, B.Maynard and D.Morley

Overall score = 79 - 78

Torbay won the match 6 points to 4 points.