View from the veranda

Beautiful Babbacombe bay from Lyme View

Beautiful Babbacombe bay from Lyme View - Credit: Archant

As we all gaze out longingly for an end to the latest lockdown, 77 year-old Celia Herbert from Lyme View Road in Torquay is enjoying a January view from the veranda. 
Dawn has broken after a bitterly cold night, revealing a pale blue sky with a few puffy pillows of cloud queuing up in the dispersal lane.  
The cruise ship’s twinkling lights are fast fading just before a harpoon of brand new sunlight strikes its bows and then slowly reveals the bewitching beauty of Babbacombe bay. 
It’s January. Has winter lost its grip?  
The rusty old crumbly cliffs above Oddicombe beach still have their greyish tufts of bushy growth on their foreheads but to the right of them, the lovely white houses along Watcombe Heights look down on the gleaming spires and towers of the three churches in St  Marychurch and Babbacombe. 
After Watcombe beach, the green fields of Maidencombe appear to reach down in V shaped flags until they touch the rough cliffs.  
A single flash of sun catches the window of a car parked at the top of Labrador bay.  
On a day like this, there will soon be many people up there enjoying the view. Who would have thought the cruise ships would still be here?  
Their presence is a welcome plus in these troubled times but the glorious coastline distracts me, as always, and I find myself checking to see if Shaldon and Teinmouth are okay today.  
Yes, the top heavy cliff is still watching over the estuary and just beyond it, Teignmouth pier pokes its cheeky piercing tentacle out into today’s sublime soft shallows.  
There is a lovely church to the far end of Teignmouth beach and then there is the long stretch of the railway line that takes the trains from Newton Abbot to Dawlish, and beyond.  
I like to count the carriages as they disappear into the shadowy red tunnel. I do hope the swans of Dawlish are alright after such a cold night. The sun is already starting to melt the snow on the roof tops.  
It’s going to be a lovely day. 

The church spires of Babbacombe and St Marychurch

The church spires of Babbacombe and St Marychurch - Credit: Archant

Torbay's cruise ship companions

Torbay's cruise ship companions - Credit: Archant