Torbay Triathlon Club donation to the Parkrun

Torbay Triathlon Club membership offer

Torbay Triathlon Club membership offer - Credit: Torbay Triathlon Club

When the Parkrun store at Paignton’s Velopark was broken into and thieves left a trail of damage, the Torbay Triathlon Club stepped in to help. 
Parkrun organisers were left devastated by the needless attack, which left horrible damage and vital equipment, including a £1,000 defibrillator, was stolen from the site. 
Parkruns are not able to go ahead without this piece of equipment, and the whole Parkrun scheme is financed by voluntary contributions and run entirely by local volunteers as a free community activity. 
Given that this year’s Christmas party for the Torbay Triathlon Club was postponed due to Covid restrictions, the Committee decided a £300 donation to the Parkrun was a great use of the funds raised for a festive gathering. 
“We had money in the coffers and the Committee agreed a donation to the Parkrun would hopefully help the guys at Parkrun,” said Graham Kay, Chairman of Torbay Triathlon Club. 
“As we are in lockdown, it is difficult for us to do anything with the money at the moment and we all wanted to help.” 
It was a fantastic gesture from the Triathlon Club, which, like all local sports clubs, is grappling with the challenges of the latest lockdown and Covid restrictions over the past year. 
However, members remain engaged through a number of superb online challenges and there is even a new membership offer for people to join the Club ahead of a hopeful return to some sense of normality. 
Formed in 2013, Torbay Triathlon Club combines the challenges and enjoyment of swimming, cycling and running. 
“The swimming element is obviously difficult because pools are closed but members have been keeping busy with online challenges,” said Graham. 
“We have virtual relays and people submit their scores online to add a competitive element.  
“There is an online cycling platform that members use and you can race against other people to keep fitness levels sharp.  
“We are always looking for new members and currently have a special offer of 15 months for the price of 12. Triathlon is an amazing sport and you can join us by visiting "