Fond farewell to 50 years of community friendship

Margaret and Eddy Davies saying farewell to Oak Park Avenue

Margaret and Eddy Davies saying farewell to Oak Park Avenue - Credit: Archant

After almost half a century as part of the Shiphay community, Margaret and Eddy Davies have paid tribute to their wonderful neighbours in Oak Park Avenue. 
A fabulous little cul-de-sac hidden away in Shiphay, Oak Park has been a happy home to Margaret and Eddy, but they are now moving to Cornwall to be closer to their daughter Carol. 
While it will be a huge wrench for the couple, it is, with Eddy suffering from Parkinsons, a practical move tinged with both sadness and happy memories.  
“We moved here from Teignmouth just under 50 years ago, as it brought us nearer to my husband’s work as a carpenter at Coral Island,” said Margaret. 
“We spotted the house in the paper and just knocked on the door, which you could do back then, and the owner Mr Wellblood invited us in and said to us: ‘I want this house to be yours and look after it like my wife had done’. 
“And we have, because he was a lovely old boy. 
“From the day we arrived here, everyone was so welcoming and they have all remained the same. 
“We have seen many families grow up, a lot of history in the cul-de-sac and now it is time for another family to begin their story in Torbay.  
“We have been married for 58 years, it was our anniversary on Tuesday, so it is a wrench for us to leave but we have to be sensible. 
“We can’t look after the garden in the same way as before and it would break out hearts to see that deteriorate. 
“Carol wanted us to join her in Cornwall and we’ve finished our happy chapter here, it now starts for somebody else. 
“Before we leave, we want to send a message to all our neighbours to thank them for their support, kindness and friendship. 
“Every single one of them has been marvellous.  
“Jackie on the left takes me shopping because we’ve not had a car for six months, Steve and Ian help out, Malcolm and Avril take Eddy to the doctors, Dave, Doris and Brian, all of them. 
“We will miss them, and Torbay, very much.”