Torbay green spaces great and small

Torbay Weekly

The Mulberry trees lean towards each other to form an archway of interwoven branches across the path.

The path weaves this way and that through the trees, leading walkers on a merry dance under the canopy of broadleaved and coniferous species.

The conifers stand as sentinels around the grassy central area.

Pine cones lie scattered under the trees, their lower scales missing – ripped out by hungry squirrels in search of the protein-rich seeds they contain.

Four tree-themed descriptions to link four of Torbay’s Green Spaces: Tessier Gardens, Markham Plantation, ‘The Green Triangle’ at Hookhills and Oldway Gardens respectively.

Yet it is more than trees that unite these sites, it is the fact that they are each fortunate to have a community of people who have come together to care for them.

The Higher Chelston Community Team formed at the end of 2019, focussing on Markham Plantation.

The team have worked hard over the past year-and-half to clear overgrown vegetation, hold community litter picks, and lay out a small woodland path – thanks to the donation of woodchip from Hi-Line.

Friends of Tessier Gardens are a well-established group which predominantly carries out practical tasks, weeding, edging, pruning and generally keeping this tranquil corner of St Marychurch looking cared for.

Residents from the community around The Green Triangle were initially inspired by the Pollinator Patch Scheme run by SWISCo this year, preparing and sowing a small patch of nectar-rich annual flowers.

The group - and their aspirations - are slowly growing, with discussions about other small changes they can make to improve the area for wildlife.

Oldway Gardens Volunteer Group have not taken their foot off the peddle over the past year or so.

The proof of this is in how the gardens have really shone this season, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

The aspirations for these places are also shared by all the groups; that these places continue to be valued and of value to the communities they serve and that serve them.

To find out more about caring for these and other Torbay Green Spaces please contact Hannah Worthington on 07940510616 or email