Torbay band ‘Surviving December’ sign to Regent Street Records

Torbay Weekly

2005 - the year that Blink 182 announced indefinite hiatus, the birth year of YouTube and the year that Torbay brothers Mark and Jason Hobbs began writing music in their basement.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the brothers have revived their music project, adding an eclectic line-up of musicians to form the six-piece band ‘Surviving December.’

Resilient to the challenges of Covid-19, Surviving December have written, recorded and produced every track of their debut album from their respective homes, thanks to lockdown.

Now, the band are signed to London-based Regent Street Records after being scouted by the label, with plans to release their album ‘The Narrative’ this summer.

Vocalist Gemma Patten said: “We have been submitting our tracks to various radio stations where the label heard us and emailed us to say that they liked our music and that they were interested in signing us.

"Apparently, it is quite rare for a band to be approached by a label so we were shocked, but very excited, especially as we have re-formed during lockdown and some of the band members haven’t even met each other!

"Also, because of lockdown we haven't been able to practice or even meet up, so all our tracks have been recorded in our own homes and then sent over to our producer.

"We are very proud of what we have accomplished within less than a year and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.”

Rekindling their partnership with former band members Chris Golden and Josh Norton-Cox, now producer of the band, and adding Gemma Patten, Tom Crossman and Ryan Wighton to the group, Surviving December offers a blend of refined musicianship with more traditional rock and punk influences, such as The Ataris, Senses Fail and New Found Glory.

The result is a distinct yet familiar rock sound, peppered with a contemporary twist, thanks to the trio of vocalists that feature in the line-up.

It's a refreshing listen for the sentimental punk-rock fans among us.

Surviving Decembers latest single ‘Again’ is available to stream now on Spotify. You can also follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter