TLH Leisure Resort: Six reasons to work in hospitality

Torbay Weekly

Have you ever thought of a career in hospitality?

There are so many positive reasons to consider the industry, whether you are looking for a short-term position or a full time career – the possibilities are endless.

What other industry offers such a range of varied job roles?

You can work as a chef, room attendant, receptionist, bar steward or waiter, not to mention all the support roles such as IT, sales and marketing, accounts, maintenance and entertainment.

Plus, most roles are available from entry level, right up to CEO with opportunities to move across disciplines and progress your career, if that’s what you want.

There’s never been a better time to work in hospitality.

Visit the TLH Leisure Resort careers page.

There are lots of job opportunities around and many businesses are looking to bounce back stronger than ever before since the Covid pandemic struck.

Independent businesses like TLH Leisure Resort for example, are looking for a fresh creative approach and are welcoming job applications from every walk of life.

TLH Leisure Resort is a long-established local business of over 70 years, so it has lots of experience to pass on!

They recognise the important contribution colleagues make in ensuring their guests receive outstanding service across their extensive range of accommodation, leisure, spa and entertainment offerings.

To that end, they offer a whole range of training opportunities, including their own management development programme.

And, unlike many hotel businesses, they also have their own human resources department, dedicated to ensuring their teams are supported and happy in their work.

So why else is hospitality a great career move:

1 It’s fun!

Unless you work  for a purely business hotel, most of your customers are wanting to have fun!

They’re celebrating with a nice meal, having a holiday or a spa break and helping them to enjoy their experience is part of your job.

The hospitality industry contains some of the most vibrant, lively and fun people you’ll ever meet, both as customers and as colleagues.

2 It’s not 9-5

Some may feel this is a negative point, but not being part of the  9-5 grind can be liberating.

It offers flexibility and variety and makes it easier to get those pesky social domestic duties done!

If you are seeking more regular hours, the industry can offer that too in more office based roles such as sales and marketing, finance or IT.

3 There is a clear career path

If you’re at a stage in your life when you’re simply after a rewarding job, then this industry has plenty of openings. If, however,  you are career focused then opportunities abound.

There is a clear set of hospitality qualifications that are accepted across the industry, from apprenticeships to degrees with plenty of training opportunities along the way.

TLH Leisure Resort offers its own in-house training programmes as well as supporting you with your career journey via other external routes.

4 You can progress quickly

Unlike many industries, you can climb the career ladder very quickly in hospitality.

It is an environment where hard work and initiative are quickly noticed.

Put the effort in and you may soon find yourself in a senior position managing people and projects.

5 We offer great benefits

Traditionally, hospitality employees may get meals provided whilst on duty, but depending on where you work, there are a whole host of other perks you may be able to enjoy.

For example, TLH Leisure Resort offers free use of its swimming pools, discounted spa treatments and gym use, as well as a dedicated colleagues' canteen and break area - plus company bonuses and a pension scheme after a qualifying period.

6 There are so many opportunities

The skills learnt in hospitality can take you anywhere in the world!

The industry covers so many types of business, from small independent bars, to industrial catering, large hotel groups and everything in between, where your skills can easily be transferred.

Whether you’re looking for a job, or a longer-term career, talk to TLH Leisure Resort. Email or call 01803 400500.