Time for World to Rock against Dementia again

Torbay Weekly

W.R.A.D. stands for “World Rocks against Dementia”  and its where the world comes together once a year for the last seven years at a pre-determined month to remember all those who have dementia or had dementia, to celebrate the incredible work being done to find a cure.
It is also a chance to thank all those carers and loved ones around the world for doing a job, which some of them probably never asked for but are fantastic at what they do, and to be very honest, the UK would come to a complete standstill if it wasn’t for carers, both paid and unpaid.
Why WORLD “rocks against dementia and not UK I hear you ask? Well, the truth be known, it all started out as D.A.D day, which stands for Dementia awareness day and was created by yours truly when we were the Torbay dementia action alliance and way before we became known as the Purple Angel campaign.  
The first one ever was held at St Anne’s Hall on Babbacombe Road and was a huge success, by the time we had come to do our third one, the whole world and his wife wanted to know what we were doing and if we could make it a World event?  
Well, you can just imagine how daunting that was, the sheer thought of it made me tremble, I mean, I am no Bob Geldof and this certainly wasn’t going to be anything like Live Aid for those of us old enough to remember, but for the sake of those with dementia it was worth a try.
So, the first ever World rocks against dementia was held at the Haywain Pub in Chelston Torquay, yes that’s right, right here in little old Torquay when Karen and Trevor ran it, and the band for the night was the Blues brothers (Not the real ones I may add, err I WISH), but as good as, and was a huge success on the night.  
The second one where 17 countries around the world joined in was a massive event held at the English Rivera centre, which was a 12-hour music extravaganza with 12 local Choirs, Rock band and good friends of mine LIONSTAR and none other than the Plymouth Military wives, who sang my song “Within My mind” which I had written myself with music written by the incredible by Rob Young.  
It was a tremendous, if, very long 12 hours, but we were packed to the rafters and a great time was had by hundreds of people that day, if not thousands.  
That was the day we were also joined around the world by 17 other countries all doing something very similar over that weekend. We even had it streamed over the internet and to watch people from Africa, China, USA, Canada and other countries in their national dresses with the Purple Angel logo behind them and on their clothes was truly a wonder to see, and to think it all started in LITTLE OLD TORQUAY!!  
Last year, due to Covid, WRAD 2020 was cancelled along with everything else, but as of today, I am proud to announce there will be a record breaking 175 events held all over the world during the coming months, as we have had to stagger them because of Covid, but as you have just read, it hasn’t stopped us this year with many countries around the world joining in once again.  
Organising something like this isn’t easy, but long may it go on and on.