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Colourful beach huts at Youngs Park, Goodrington

Colourful beach huts at Youngs Park, Goodrington - life is beginning to return to something resembling normality. - Credit: Getty Images

It's wonderful to be busy again and again welcome people to our showrooms.

It really does seem the steady flow since we reopened means we can look forward to the second quarter with confidence.

I believe many of us were so pleased to be able to go out and of course, taking care of all our safety, visiting favourite haunts and welcoming family, friends and customers back into our lives.

The weather has been kind and allowed us to get out in the fresh air, walk on the moors and the beach and even find the pub and restaurant with outside facilities offering a familiar place of relaxation and enjoyment.

We must continue to be cautious but at last there is a feeling life is beginning to return to something resembling normality.

Many employees who have been furloughed have returned to work with great enthusiasm and although some will continue to work from home the teamwork needed to look after customers will be at full strength again for many businesses.

Hopefully, for others the programme will allow others to open over the next two months and invigorate their businesses in the same way.

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It has also been an amazing period with the country coming together to remember and recount stories of how Prince Phillip affected their lives and what an exceptional contribution he made to life, not just in Britain, but across the world.

His love for the Queen and his family has also been a model role for us all and he will be long remembered.

It has been hardly surprising but one certain benefit from the pandemic is we are re-evaluating our way of life and seeking to improve it in the future.

The flexibility of working from home, although not possible for everyone, will be something all employers will have to find ways to accommodate if they want productive and happy people working for them.

Furthermore, some employees are making decisions to change their lifestyles where money is not the main driver although all of us need a certain amount to provide essentials. 

There are real challenges for Government to tackle the extremes and however difficult must be treated with some urgency. 

I am not surprised some employees have taken the decision not to return to their previous jobs and are looking for new opportunities.

This in turn, combined with new job opportunities as the country returns to work, will mean a movement of labour and in many cases, a movement of location as well.

Those of us in Devon and Cornwall, and in many other beautiful parts of Britain, have known the benefits of living in these areas and adding to our quality of life.

Now we should prepare for many in the big cities, especially London, to be looking to relocate either as individuals, or as companies in this digital age, where location is not important other than to recruit the right quality of employees.

Prepare for an influx over the next decade which will create opportunities as well as a few problems as more development and new towns rise up in the region.

As they say, life is changing. Embrace and enjoy.

I look forward to joining you next week. Stay safe and keep smiling.