Appeal for Torbay green space detectives

Have you discovered the apple tree in Kitson Park? Apples on a rock in the foreground with parkland behind

Have you discovered the apple tree in Kitson Park? What other treasures can be found there? - Credit: Sally Farrant, Torbay Community Development Trust 

A quick glance around Kitson Park shows that it is not really possible to get lost here – the path leads from one side of the green space to the other, circling back on itself – so why would you need a map?

Basic map of Kitson Park, Torquay, showing current features

Basic map of Kitson Park showing current features – can you help us to add more detail? - Credit: Groundwork South (QGIS Development Team, 2021. QGIS Geographic Information System. Open Source Geospatial Foundation Project. 

Well, if you have studied any amount of geography - or if you are a pirate - you will know that maps are the best storytellers.

As many of us use our free time to explore parks and green spaces local to home, we have perhaps noticed details and features that may have passed us by before.

While taking our daily walk, run, bike ride or scoot how many of us have taken note of where we can find a really good view across the Bay, the biggest puddle to jump in, or maybe the perfect sunny spot in which to catch some winter sun?

Have you maybe even noticed dens or ditches, plaques or paths, way-markers or walls that somehow were not on your mental map of the place before?

Why are they there, who put them there and what do they get used for now?

By playing ‘detective’ and mapping out our local green space like this we are in not only discovering bits of its history, but we are also seeing into its future.

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Groundwork South is working with communities across Torbay, and with organisations like the Torbay Community Development Trust, to map out the stories of our green spaces.

We want to uncover how our parks are used, what may be missing or underused, who visits them – and maybe who doesn’t – and hopes and wishes for their future.

Anyone can be a green space detective and add their discoveries to the maps of the Bay’s parks and green spaces that are being created.

We can’t promise you’ll discover buried pirate treasure, but you will be helping to create something valuable that can be shared with the whole community.

To find out more about green spaces in Torbay and to get involved, please contact Hannah Worthington on 07940510616 or email