Fresh air is best vaccine for mental wellness

Paignton pier and sandy beach Torbay Devon England near tourist destinations of Torquay and Brixham

Paignton pier and beach - fresh air is best vaccine for mental wellness - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In a pre-Covid world, the 24-hour news cycle would generate information with a seven-day shelf life.

But now we all tune in for the daily 5pm briefings and watch as minute-by-minute, they fill screen time with hourly ‘tested positive’ updates… and then we wait for the same routine the following evening.

Possibly this is why all the days appear to be bleeding into one another. January, a month which normally whizzes by, seems to have more hours in the day than the entire year 2020. 

More fairly, it does not feel like a new year at all. I find myself waking up a few seconds before my online lessons, half-heartedly tuning in, with procrastination becoming as regular as my morning Cheerios.

One golden purchase has been a laptop tray. Without a desk and having to adhere to my regular college schedule means I am constantly on my laptop and the neck-ache had me turning towards Doctor Google to double-check my symptoms. 

It was just a bad case of posture. It is also handy for the late-night Netflix binge, no more sinking into the covers! Multiple use for each type of procrastinator.

Spending most of the day inside your own four walls has made me realise another bare necessity. Fresh air. As a natural homebody, lockdown sounded like a dream. But no matter how many times I could watch Harry Potter, one through eight, multiple times, mental wellbeing is everything.

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Just like how many have taken this opportunity to dig up those Nigella Lawson diet cookbooks or following those Joe Wicks home workout videos, caring for your mental wellness is just as important as the physical aesthetic.

Having the naturally inspiring Torbay coastline at one’s fingertips, I have grown to understand the upsetting circumstances for urban dwellers. Especially when shopping for student accommodation. 

Welcoming a new addition to the household, Dolly the Chihuahua just last week, has boosted my motivation to shake up the unhealthy routine. Having a fluffy companion, named after Mrs Parton no less, is a luxury those in a typical 12-13 square metre ensuite student bedroom cannot expect.

Swapping a coastline dog walk for a less-than-scenic trip to the communal kitchen, a national rent-strike is brewing.

The BBC reported that an estimated 15,000 students at dozens of universities have signed up so far.

The main reason being that students are paying for rooms that they have been told not to return to, without little to no support notably. Possibly this is why all the days appear to be bleeding into one another.

Many social dilemmas are mirroring those same ones from March. 

With the 24-hour news cycle, it is too easy to carry the weight of everything that has gone wrong within the past year.

That is why fresh air is the best vaccine for your mental wellness.