The Tri-light zone… 67 Torbay Triathon Club members enjoy handicap 5km run

Torbay Weekly

With the triathlon event season running from spring to autumn, just how do dedicated - or even mildly enthusiastic - athletes entertain themselves of a dark, winter evening?

Well, thanks to the wonderful volunteer coaching team and helpers at Torbay Triathlon Club, there’s a plethora of events to choose from including pool training, chatty run nights and speed training, all guaranteed to keep mind and body going until the first race of the season.

Alongside regular training, a new event has popped into the calendar, as one of the club’s stalwart organisers Gary Burman trialled an unusual and, as it turned out, highly entertaining handicap 5km run.

Sixty-seven club members entered, all having previously submitted their predicted finish time.

On the starriest of nights at Torbay Velopark, the slowest started out first at Hoburne corner, replete with headtorches, smiles and commitment.

Others followed at intervals, with Gary’s calculated, albeit optimistic aim that all runners would finish at - roughly - the same time across the line.

Did it work? In true #teamtango style, it really did!

Winning on this occasion wasn’t about crossing the line first.

That accolade could well have been given to whomever pulled the best ‘race-face’ but officially the rules stated it went to whomever made the biggest improvement on their predicted time, within a four per cent margin, or disqualification beckoned - and there were plenty of those!

With the maths double-checked and percentages calculated, Jo Loten took first place, followed by Steve Donnelly and Mark Maslin.

Congratulations to all three for acing their pacing and well done to all for making it around the dark and chilly course, with thanks to the organisers, helpers and post-run cake-makers.

A great night, to be repeated in March, on a lighter and hopefully warmer evening.

There’s still plenty of time to join the club and enter, whatever your speed, or baking ability!

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