The Rowcroft Five (including our convict Chris) raise £7,000

Torbay Weekly

Rowcroft Hospice’s annual fundraising event ‘Jail or Bail’ saw five jail birds from local businesses facing fictitious trials and raising over £7000 for the hospice.

In this fun and light-hearted fundraising initiative, the local ‘convicts’ – key people from local businesses – stood accused by their colleagues of workplace crimes such as ‘spending too much time on the telephone’, ‘being too nice’ or ‘disappearing on a biking holiday’!

The local businesses and organisations that took part were South Devon College, Big Ant Group, Torbay Weekly, Bettesworth Property Agents and Chartered Surveyors and Wollens solicitors.

Standing trial at Rowcroft’s Rainbow House on Wednesday 23 February, the convicts received their sentences from Judge Richard Ward (a Rowcroft ambassador and former trustee).

Their punishments included ‘yard time’ where spent the day at the hospice helping out with odd jobs, such as cleaning, stuffing envelopes and making boxes for Devon Farm Kitchen’s delicious meals, until their friends, family and colleagues bailed them out of jail by donating money to the hospice.

Rowcroft’s Corporate Fundraiser Rosie Gitsham said: "We’re so thankful to all our fabulous convicts for giving up so much time in support of their local hospice. We had a wonderful day full of hilarity and laughter, and we’re so grateful to the hundreds of people who made donations to the hospice in support of their favourite ‘convict’.

Thanks too to the local police for their amazing support. The money raised from this event will make such huge impact in caring for people with life-limiting illnesses across South Devon."

Rowcroft’s fundraising events are a vital way of generating the income needed to help provide care for over 2,000 patients and families each year across South Devon. As an independent charity, around 75% of Rowcroft’s funding comes from the generosity of local people, without whom the hospice would not be able to fund its work.

Once again, the Jail or Bail events has been a great success and Torbay Weekly's Chris Coward was honoured to be involved.

To find out more about Rowcroft’s upcoming fundraising events and how you can get involved, please see Rowcroft’s website at