The importance of family, friends... and dogs!

Torbay Weekly

We all know the old adage, that you are stuck with your family but at least you can choose your friends.

However, I think that Prince Harry has seriously crossed the line in causing unnecessary hurt and damage to his family.

This is the man who left the country to avoid the media and was desperate for a ‘private’ life, and no doubt most of us respected that decision.

Very sadly, since he left, he has had a serious case of verbal diarrhoea and has not stopped for a second in exposing his bleeding heart to global media with his endless list of injustices and hurt feelings.

He would do everyone a big favour, in particular his father and grandmother, if he just shut up and got on with his life and realised just how lucky he is with a lovely family and home.

He has certainly had more than his share of pain with losing his mother in such terrible circumstances, but surely it is now time to heal and not endlessly lash out at your family.

I strongly believe that this level of trashing your nearest and dearest should be a private affair and not played out on the world stage by two, self-professed, private, soul searching and as we endlessly hear, damaged people.

I believe that the situation could have been resolved on both sides if he had stayed for a few more days to talk things through with his father, grandmother and brother privately rather than scuttle off back over the pond at the first opportunity to wash yet more dirty linen in public.

I, like most people, have my own problems to cope with and so I am pretty fed-up with hearing Prince Harry’s endless bleating.

This is where true and good friends come into play and in this I am truly blessed.

I am writing this after a wonderful dinner with friends last night hosted by the very special and supportive Ian Redwood and BJ Blackmore at their home.

Ian and BJ run The Salon in Wellswood and, as well as being supremely talented at what they do, are exceptional human beings.

I am not sure if we should have hugged or not – but we did. For the last year or so we have been having virtual hugs, but last night was very special. Talking things through is key to our emotional survival.

Today, we are also very fortunate to be going to lunch at another special friends’ house.

My husband and I consider ourselves very lucky to have such wonderful close friends, and in times of adversity they are indispensable.

I am also incredibly blessed to have a very wise, supportive, and exceptional husband.

In addition to all these riches, I have three huge white teddy bears, who masquerade as dogs.

I couldn’t recommend Pyrenean Mountain dogs more. Their personalities are all different but the basics are all the same – loyal, gentle, wonderful company and the best cuddle if you are feeling down.

I recommend them highly to Prince Harry. Calm down and get a Pyrenean.

Lulu, Tootsie and Freddie have been receiving a lot of hugging over the last months and you can feel that they know they are helping.

It works both ways, of course, as they are very demanding when it comes to love too.

Dogs can be wonderful therapy and it is proven that they can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

With the impending doom of a potential spread of the Indian variant of the virus, we can only all hope that the scientists can deal with this before it gets a hold, and we go into another lockdown.

Another lockdown could prove too much for some people and Prince Harry’s problems pale into insignificance – or should do.

I am sure that we all have regrets of some sort, but never wait too long to say sorry because one day it will be too late and the unsaid words are lost forever and even more pain ensues.

I promise you a Pyrenean brings joy in good times and bad – and those special cuddles are always allowed.