The highs - and the lows - of our brave Skydive team

Torbay Weekly

The Torbay Weekly team had a very mixed day on Sunday at the Dunkeswell Aerodrome. As previewed in last week's edition our Skydive Team of five all arrived with eager anticipation on a bright sunny morning and the mood was one of excitement.

It started very positively and our own Tamla Thornton, accompanied by Philippa Hines of Jimmy Frost's stable, was on the second flight to take off and had an exhilarating experience. Tamla , with fiancé Sam close to the landing area awaiting her reaching the ground, came back full of joy and positivity.

She said: “I was a little nervous at the briefing and in putting on my attire but the instructors did a great job settling us on the way up and the whole experience coming down was spectacular. My Mum wouldn’t come today as she was so nervous but I have let her know I am on the ground.”

Tamla’s excitement rubbed off on Torbay Weekly colleague Andy Sexton and advertisers Neil and Jennifer Tozer and Trevor Banton.

Sadly, the day deteriorated from there weather-wise. Initially the cloud cover became stronger and the safety rule about jumps not being allowed if the pilot could not see the landing area meant an enforced delay to the remaining jumps. To compound matters the wind then got stronger and the whole day had to be cancelled at 2.30 p.m. with no predicted improvements.

All the remaining Skydivers will get another chance in more clement conditions and for Georgia Brookes and the Rowcroft and Buzz teams this sadly goes with the territory. The weather is always a risk and the health and safety of the jumpers has to be first priority.

For Tamla and Philippa, it was a day to remember, for Andy, Trevor, Neil and Jennifer there will be another day