The current day minefield

Torbay Weekly

I am stupidly going to try to navigate and tiptoe through the Woke World (WW) in which we now live.

We very sadly now live in an era when just a bit of harmless banter can get you into very deep trouble indeed.

I say very sadly, because I don’t have any prejudice whatsoever about anything – with the exception of stupidity!

Yet, I am sometimes so confused as to how or why something can cause offence.

In the sheer madness of our current WW, there is now a formerly male, female weightlifter from New Zealand, who is going to compete against females in the Olympics.

This just can’t be an even playing field as you can’t, as far as I know, trans until after puberty, when your bone density, structure and muscle tone has already been decided.

Ergo, if you are born male, even with all the hormone treatments required to transition, you will still have a natural physical male advantage.

This is something Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic decathlon gold medallist, has personal knowledge of and knows everything about.

Jenner has said: “It is simply not fair.”

Quite – how can it be?

There are now 112 genders listed on Tumblr, most of which I have to confess, I don’t even know what they are.

I don’t care what anybody calls themselves or how they want to present themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt children or animals.

The dictionary definition of Woke is 'alert to injustice in society, especially racism. We need to stay angry and stay woke'.

I would have thought that a better mantra is 'tolerance, kindness and respect for all'.

Wokism now seems to have become like the McCarthy era in the early 1950s in America, an unsightly stain on democracy.

I believe it is fundamentally wrong to hate or intimidate someone for having a different opinion to yourself.

Whatever happened to free speech and debate?

It is proven that a large majority of the UK population are totally fed-up with living in a Woke World as they have turned-off from the BBC, ITV and Sky News and engaged with Andrew Neil’s new TV channel, GB News in their droves.

Viewers have embraced the opportunity for open debate where honest opinions can be voiced on any subject.

Initially, big business caved in to the woke fanatics and stopped their advertising on the channel.

Now, thank goodness, most are back but not all. I just don’t get it.

How do these wokists have so much power?

I strongly believe in equality for all and that all lives matter and that every life has equal value.

Haven’t we all evolved into a better society quite naturally?

Society should and does learn by its mistakes, hence we should keep all our historic statues as they are reminders of what former generations got so wrong and that we can do better.

Without reminders, we will forget some of the biggest atrocities in history.

The best way to move forward in a positive way is knowledge and education and to teach children the importance of tolerance, understanding and kindness.

The latest in the horrifying restrictions and changes in what we can and cannot say now includes 'breast feeding' having to be referred to as 'chest-feeding'.

I don’t get it as I am still unaware that your average chest can feed anything without having breasts, but maybe I am wrong.

Then the worst of all – mothers are now to be called 'birthing persons' and the female population referred to as 'people who menstruate'.

I guess that leaves me without a reference as both options are now a distant memory – maybe I am sadly just an 'old person'!

The greatest problem of all, is what on earth is poor darling Ted Hastings is going to say now in Line of Duty?

Without the use of the word mother, is he really going to have to resort to having to say 'Birthing persons of God' to vent his frustrations?

To quote Piers Morgan. 'the world’s gone mad'.