Table tennis: Buzzards blast their way to top of First Division

Torbay Weekly

With just three matches to go, NA Buzzards - Sonja Ryland, Lauren Loosemore and Kevin Nicholls - extended their lead at the top of the First Division of the Albany Florists South Devon and Torbay Table Tennis League to 11 points with a whitewash victory over Halwell B.

NA Batmen, not giving up the chase yet, defeated Torbay Academy 1 7-2 thanks to an excellent maximum from Mark Burridge.

The Batmen meet the Buzzards in the final week of the scheduled league season.

Brixham Sharks picked up their first win of the season, 5-4, in a basement clash with Halwell B, Clive Banham picking up a maximum for the Sharks.

In another close encounter, NA Eagles just got the better of Torbay Academy 1 despite the Academy’s Alessandro Mitranescu being unbeaten on the night.

The Second Division continues to be extremely close with several teams in with a chance of taking the title.

The mid-season favourites, NA Owls, who went into the Christmas break undefeated have not won since, until their latest encounter with NA Raptors.

A Giles Tushingham maximum helped the Owls to a narrow 5-4 victory.

Torbay Academy 2’s late rally puts them, NA Falcons and Torre Titans within a few points of each other, and Brixham Trawlers, with a game in hand, aren’t out of it either following their excellent Ian Saxby inspired 6-3 victory over NA Owls.

Torbay Academy 2, last beaten in early December, continued their recent run of form with a 7-2 victory over Brixham Gulls, Ben Hoare and Stuart Shipley again unbeaten for the Academy side.

The Third Division is led by NA Hawks but with games in hand Torre Panthers are ready to pounce!

The Hawks, Jackie Whitehorn, Doug Morgan and Ben Swettenham, had a comfortable 9-0 win at Torbay Academy 3, stretching their lead at the top of the table to 11 points.

NA Kestrels also with games in hand are not out of the battle which is between these three.

Another Henry Greet maximum helped his NA Ospreys side to a 5-4 victory over Dawlish.

Torbay Academy 5 have a healthy lead at the top of the Fourth Division but they look vulnerable as they only have one match left to play while Torre Thunder in the runners-up position have games in hand.

The Academy 5 youngsters suffered a setback when they lost 6-3 to NA Kites but recovered in their second match of the week to defeat NA Merlins 7-2.

Will Whittington was undefeated in both encounters, and Naty Mitranescu also had a maximum against the Merlins.

An Ionel Ichin maximum helped Torbay Academy 6 to a 6-3 victory over NA Vultures.



NA Batmen 7 (M Burridge 3, D Gibbs 2, Jackson 2) Torbay Academy (1) 2 (Cincala 2, Suarez 0, Furgol 0)

Torbay Academy (1) 4 (Mitranescu 3, Suarez 1, N Shipley 0) NA Eagles 5 (Richmond 2, T Burridge 2, Broad 1)

Halwell A 0 (Mercer 0, Dunn 0, Smith 0) NA Buzzards 9 (Ryland 3, Nicholls 3, Loosemore 3)

Brixham Sharks 5 (Banham 3, Maynard 1, Deakin 1) Halwell B 4 (Wadling 2, Sugden 1, Dyson 1)


Torbay Academy (2) 7 (Hoare 3, S Shipley 3, Cregan 1) Brixham Gulls 2 (Johnston 1, Sharp 1, Metcalfe 0)

Brixham Trawlers 6 (Saxby 3, Johns 2, Williamson 1) NA Owls 3 (Tushingham 2, W Cyron 1, M Cyron 0)

NA Owls 5 (Tushingham 3, M Cyron 1, W Cyron 1) NA Raptors 4 (Hine 2, Sage 2, Darch 0)


Torbay Academy (3) 0 (Perry 0, Payne 0, Gibbs 0) NA Hawks 9 (Whitehorn 3, Swettenham 3, Morgan 3)

NA Ospreys 5 (Greet 3, Davies 2, Ferguson 0) Dawlish 4 (Doutreligne 2, Kashap 1, Girling 1)


NA Kites 6 (Copley 2, Stratton 2, Holmes 2) Torbay Academy (5) 3 (Whittington 3, Palin 0, Sniegocki 0)

Torbay Academy (5) 7 (Whittington 3, Mitranescu 3, Fowler 1) NA Merlins 2 (Olver 1, Kitchen 1, Bishop 0)

NA Kites 3 (Copley 1, Stratton 1, Holmes 1) Torre Thunder 6 (Tatom 3, Excell 3, James 0)

Torbay Academy (6) 6 (Ichim 3, Brookes 2, Palin 1) NA Vultures 3 (Guy 2, Shirt 1, Heather 0).