Surely this should be a Bee and Bee!

Torbay Weekly

Paignton Zoo celebrated World Bee Day with a partnership with property agents Bettesworths to install four new, custom-built bee hotels.

The zoo believes that much conservation work can come from small actions being done at home. As part of their work to protect pollinators, they have planted wildflower meadows and installed shelters and bee hotels.

Tracey Hamston, Wild Planet Trust Conservation officer, said: “By providing good sources of pollen and nectar (flowering plants) throughout the year, we can make the urban environment a great place for bees."

Matt Bettesworth, Managing Director of Bettesworths, said: "For a family company like ours, currently in its third generation, the environment is very important. We want to be part of, and raise awareness of the issue of sustainability through this great project. Bees are also synonymous with our brand."

The hotels have been custom-built by South Hams based Eddie Church, and can be found on the zoo's picnic lawn.