Support for 126 outstanding groups through Torbay Lottery

Torbay Weekly

The lockdowns and restrictions imposed as a result of Covid-19 have had a devastating effect on the lives of many people and the fortunes of many businesses.

Charities and non-profit groups have also been at the sharp end of this pandemic and have valiantly stepped up to the challenge to help so many people, communities and animals in need.

I’d like to thank those of you who have been able to volunteer or donate to these organisations to support the important work they do.

I am pleased that the council is giving some support to 126 outstanding groups through our Torbay Lottery.

It’s celebrating its fourth anniversary this month and has raised an incredible £146,500 for local community groups, while more than £36,100 has been won by those who support it.

Charities such as PATH Torbay, which has seen an increase in demand for its food and support services during the pandemic, have benefited from getting involved in our local lottery.

One club close to my heart which has been helped by the Torbay lottery is the Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club.

It has raised £3,100 to date through ticket sales and £2,000 from the Torbay Lottery Small Grants Fund.

As a member, I know how vital funding like this is to local groups, either to help them survive through lockdown or to provide support services to as many people as possible.

To be able to get out on the water on a boat or in my kayak is something that I cherish and has been a lifeline through the pandemic.

It’s so important to be able to look after our mental and physical wellbeing, and local clubs offer an opportunity to do this.

If you know a good cause that would benefit from the Torbay Lottery, then please let them know about where they can sign up any time.

You can also take part and help support local charities, clubs and groups.

Another way that the council is helping to support our local communities is by teaming up with Crowdfunder.

If you have an idea on how to improve your community but need help bringing your ideas and projects to life, then crowdfunding is an excellent way of raising money.

If you are on the Crowdfund Devon platform, we can pledge up to 50 per cent of the funds you may need to get your project going.

This year we’ve pledged £7,700 towards initiatives that support our residents and improve their lives.

These include the Friends of Oldway to help them renovate Oldway Mansion’s tea rooms, Brixham Theatre for updated seating and Orchard Forest School to sustain an ancient orchard that the entire community can enjoy.

You can find out more on the council’s crowdfund webpages

Last week, I visited Jason and his fellow directors at Torquay Leisure Hotels.

It was pleasing to hear that they are set for a busy summer with the main season booked up.

While they shared some of their concerns around the improvements they want to see to enhance the tourist offer, it was heartening to be able to advise them of our plans for our ‘Safe, Clean and Green Ambassadors for Torbay.’

A team of seven will operate over seven days a week, ensuring the Bay puts its best foot forward in what is promising to be a very busy season.

As well as employing over 360 staff members, Torquay Leisure Hotels help the community through supporting the Princes Trust and providing apprenticeships.

This year they are set to invest £750,000 in the business, mostly through the development of a new spa offer and a number of improvements to the business including a new website.