The blackened shell. of the super yacht

PICTURES: Super yacht raised to surface after Torquay harbour blaze

Jim Parker

A super yacht which sank to the bottom of Torquay harbour after a devastating blaze has been raised to the surface.

The ‘Rendezvous’ -  valued at up to £8million - was destroyed in the mystery blaze on Saturday, May 28.

Tor Bay Harbour Authority have been working with marina company MDL and the appointed wreck removal company on the salvage operation.

The yacht rises slowly to the surface

The shell of the blackened yacht was finally raised to the surface today (June 30) to be craned on to a barge and taken away.

Earlier in the week, divers had been in the water to make the final preparations for the salvage operation to begin.

It was anticipated that the removal of the remaining fuel and the lifting of the vessel would commence on Tuesday (June 28).

Subject to weather and unforeseen circumstances the lift was due to be completed by today.

Princess Pier remained closed and only essential personnel were granted access.

The salvaged yacht

The fire burned through the yacht mooring and it drifted ablaze to alongside Princess Pier.

Repairs to the damaged pier will begin once safe to do so and it will reopen to the public.

Out of the water