Sun shines as I'm lucky enough to see cruise ships up close - and crew waved!

Torbay Weekly

At last, summer has arrived and with it hundreds of visitors.

Finally, Torbay feels a little more like ‘normal.’

The town is full of people, the roads are grid-locked and you can’t get into a restaurant for love nor money. Thankfully, the place is alive again.

Today, I was lucky enough to be taken out on my neighbours’ boat to see the magnificent cruise ships, and what a fabulous sight they were!

They are impressive when you get to see them up close, we were even fortunate to see some of the crew who came out and waved as we bobbed by.

I know I have said this before but I really will miss them when they go.

In fact, this weekend has been all about the sea, as yesterday I had my maiden voyage on my stand-up paddle board.

Although the sea was a little choppy I managed to stay on and didn’t fall off! I loved it and can’t wait to get back out there.

Torbay certainly is lovely in the sunshine but then there isn’t a place on earth that isn’t improved by the sun. Let's just hope it continues to shine.

Some weeks I struggle to write my column as I have nothing much to say and really feel that I should keep my opinions to myself, however this week I am going to stick my neck out.

One of my favourite shows to watch on TV is Call the Midwife. There’s no swearing - rich coming from me and my potty mouth! - no inappropriate adult content and no violence yet at the same time deals with the real-life problems, which maybe from the old days, but they were, and still are, real problems.

I love how everyone is so polite, I love that they put on their Sunday best to go out and I love listening to the proper use of the English language.

You may laugh at my old-fashioned ideals, but having read the story on social media about kids vandalising babies’ graves at the cemetery, I think a trip back to those days is long overdue.