Such a fiasco that hopefully no one will try this again

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The timing of the European Super League proposal could not have been worse and created an unnecessary problem to overcome for football clubs already trying to come to terms with the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thankfully, the European Super League has been abandoned for now, with the six Premier League clubs withdrawing.

However, there are some key questions left behind. How did it unravel so quickly? What are the ramifications? How can we guard against this happening in the future?

The reason it probably unravelled so quickly was because these rich, greedy owners are not as powerful as they think.

Their attitude stinks, they thought they could do what they wanted: leave the Premier League if they had to set up a rival super league and they did not care about the consequences and the effect it would have on the rest of the teams in the English game and the rest of the game in Europe.

The overwhelming negative global reaction from everyone obviously paid a big part in the breakaway clubs changing their minds. Fans, players, managers, administrations, UEFA, FIFA government caused an immediate backtrack and undoubtable played a major part in scuppering the Super League plans.

The talk of the European Super League has been going on for a long time going back many years, hopefully this is the end, once and for all.

This has been such a fiasco that hopefully no one will try this again. The biggest fear I must say is that people will learn from the mistakes made by these people and sometime try this again in the future.

It is now down to the Premier League and the football authorities to protect and guard against this proposal resurfacing, so this threatened breakaway never happens.

The rules to prevent a breakaway league must be implemented quickly to safeguard football and, in my opinion, takes priority over looking into ways of punishing those involved in launching the European Super League.

The planned breakaway of the six clubs included a breakaway from the EUFA Champions League.

This planned pan – continental competition would have removed the possibility of Premier League sides being able to qualify for Europe’s top tier tournament based on league position, with 15 of the 20 clubs planning to take part guaranteed their entry every season, this would undoubtedly destroyed some of the continents biggest teams left out of the project.

Football in this country has always been regarded as fair and competitive and we nearly lost football in a way we have always known it. We nearly lost our top six clubs from it. We must prevent being in that position again.

Football without risk is not sport and to guarantee entry into any competition must be on merit.

Changing subjects - interesting fact

Antoine Griezmann revealed a few weeks ago his third child Alba was born on the SAME DATE as his other two children across five years.

This astonishing coincidence means that the World Cup winner will spend the rest of his life enjoying a triple birthday bash on April 8. Have any of our readers experienced a similar experience? If so, please let us know - email

Finally, another interesting fact which I discovered on social media a few weeks ago. April 16, 2021

Birmingham City and Coventry City share the same stadium, same sponsor, same games played, same games won, same games drawn, same games lost, same goal difference, and same points.

League Table            P      W    D     L    GD    P

18. COVENTRY        41   11   12   18   -19    45

19 BIRMINGHAM    41   11   12   18   -19    45

Keep doing the right things and enjoy the little freedom we are now experiencing.