Work starts preparing bowling club green for next season

Works starts on Paignton Bowling Club green

Works starts on Paignton Bowling Club green - Credit: Archant

Now the outdoor bowling season has finished at Paignton Bowling Club and all the other local clubs, maintenance work has started to ensure the green is ready for the 2021 season.

It started with greenkeeper Tommy Leach working before the big machinery came in from D.G.M. to ’verdicut’ the green to a depth of one-and-a-half inches to remove the ‘thatch’.

Once the green is cleared, it is seeded and top dressed with sand to allow the new seed to germinate and grow.

This will, hopefully, give the club a bowling green to be proud of, that everyone will want to bowl on, as in the past.

Club vice president John Ball said: “All this work has now been completed and we watch daily looking for the new growth to start its life. Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions the club is still not able to hold any of the activities normally held through the closed season.”