Stay-at-home anglers have plenty to do during Coronavirus pandemic

John Sherlock

John Sherlock - Credit: Archant

Anglers by nature are people that love the great outdoors whether it is it is sitting in the countryside by a pond, lake or riverbank marvelling at the nature around or taking in the bracing sea air either on our beautiful shoreline or afloat chasing monsters of the deep.

The fishing itself often takes second place to just being there, a chance to escape from the rigors of daily life and recharge our batteries.

Unfortunately, in these troubled times we are not able to follow the path of our chosen style of fishing and are stuck indoors, many self-isolating either for their own sake of that of their loved ones.

It is important that we follow government guidelines and indeed the Angling Trust have issued a statement telling us all not to fish at the moment. Charter boats have stopped running and freshwater fisheries are closing, Town Parks Lakes being one of them.

The repercussions of these, of course, are far reaching with tackle shops, fishery owners and charter boat owners, to name but a few, having to close their businesses and lose revenue. Let us all try to remember these people when this is all over and use them to help keep their businesses afloat.

We can all, of course, use the time we now have to sort through our tackle boxes, we fisherman are notoriously untidy, we would rather be fishing. Rigs can be made, broken ring on rods repaired and reels can be stripped down and lubricated. Line can be checked and replaced if necessary.

This is the perfect opportunity to have all your fishing tackle in tip top order for when we can get out the again, we don't want to lose that fish of a lifetime.

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The weather is now warming up bringing our ponds, river and lakes to life. Plants are beginning to grow, insects are moving and the fish are beginning to feed prior to spawning. Reports are coming in that the carp are feeding well and the catfish are just beginning to show.

I hope you all keep safe and well and hope to see some of you out and about in the near future. When you do eventually get out there please send me any pictures of your captures via my Facebook page. I have added a few archive pictures just to whet your appetite.