Jamie Reid: Decision to leave Torquay United was ‘difficult’

Jamie Reid Photo: Micah Crook/PPAUK

Jamie Reid Photo: Micah Crook/PPAUK - Credit: Micah Crook/PPAUK

Leading scorer Jamie Reid has described his departure from Torquay United as 'such a difficult decision', but he says he wants the freedom to try and return to the Football League (EFL).

Reid, 25, turned down a new contract with the Gulls after the best two seasons of his career - 32 goals in the 2018-2019 National League South title year and another 21in the just-curtailed 2019-2020 NL campaign

The Torquay-born ex-Exeter City forward said: 'You don't want to look back on your career with regrets.

'My ambition is to test myself at the highest level possible. Whether it will happen, we'll see.'

Several EFL clubs have been watching Reid, and he has now left after 176 appearances in three spells and 63 goals.

'It was such a difficult decision,' he said in an exclusive interview with the Torbay Weekly.

'Torquay is my home, I have always supported the club and I was a junior season-ticket holder on the Pop Side.

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'I was the kid asking the players for their autographs. Fast-forward 20 years, and I was one of those players - that was a great feeling.

'To have played the best part of 200 games for your hometown club - you can't ask for much more than that.

'I have the staff at the club, the ones here now and before, to thank for that. I'll always be grateful to them and, of course, the fans as well.

'You don't want to leave too soon or overstay your time at any club.

'These are obviously difficult times in football and, to fit in with the 'furlough', all the players had to let the club know their decisions in quite a short time.

'Unfortunately, I couldn't have committed myself to that right now.

'Wherever I go, Torquay will always be the first result I look for and I may be back one day - you never know in football.'